September 20, 2017

Delta Woods – 2″ Premium Wood Blinds

Delta Woods offers 2” slats that are hand selected from real hardwoods in 14 stained and painted finishes. All of Delta Woods, wood components are kiln dried to a 7% or less moisture content, which means a lighter weight blind with straighter slats. You notice the difference right away with a higher sheen and smoother finish. Delta Woods superior lacquer finishes are twice coated and then oven cured for durability. Quality and fashion is prominent all the way, from the superior head rail system to the smallest detail such as ergonomically designed wood tassels, trapezoid bottom rail and standard crown valance.

  • Durable 2” x 2 ” head rail
  • Slats, valance and bottom rail are made from hand selected hardwoods
  • Wood components are kiln dried for lighter weight
  • Wide range of painted colors and stains
  • Standard Crown valance

Delta Wood Shop Drawing

Delta Wood Specifications

Delta Wood Colors

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