July 24, 2020



CACO, Inc. Window Fashions manufactures and distributes the highest quality shutters. We invite you to contact your nearest authorized CACO, Inc. Window Fashions dealer for in-depth product presentations, color selections or pricing for any of our CACO products. Use the information below to find out which shutter suits your needs. 


With its proprietaryWoodTex™ finish, Allview shutters deliver a poly shutter with the elegant look of wood at a more cost conscience price. Allview is also produced in our facilities in Johnson City, TN. and on average will have a 10 day production time instead of 6 weeks or more for other shutters.

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This classic all wood design made with proprietary hardwoods is part of our line of distributed products of Elegant windows. Complementing any decor from traditional, classic, or contemporary Chelsea™ shutters provide the highest quality, beauty, and elegance classic of wood shutters to any room in your home.

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Providing the look of wood but with the durability of solid polymer, Broadleaf™ shutters provide energy efficiency and durability with the beauty and character of real wood. Also part of our line of distributed products of Elegant windows, Broadleaf™ shutters are a beautifuly engineered wood substitute shutter.

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