November 15, 2020

Dynasty Collection-Designer Natural Woven Woods

Please note: the actual color displayed on the monitor may vary, please check sample books for color match before ordering.

These woven woods are handcrafted from materials found in nature. We do not guarantee exact color matches from dye lot to dye lot. Reeds and woods will retain unique grain and colors inherent to their natural composition. The weaves may be affected by environmental changes and can expand/contract.

Group 1 ( group 6 in our price guide)

B2302 Cortina Shale
B3201 Cortina Latte
*Available 4/25/22
B3206 Beijin Storm
B3205 Beijin Smoke
B3212 Yunnan Stone
B3211 Yunnan Cloud B3201 *Not available until after 12/31/2022

Group 2 ( group 7 in our price guide)

B3331 Techno Haze
*Available 4/25/22
B3332 Techno Cinder
B3312 Lhasa Sand
B3311 Lhasa Noir
B3323 Meteor Snow
B3322 Meteor Leaf
B3321 Meteor Shadow
B3353 Ningxia Graystone
B3352 Ningxia Taupe
B3351 Ningxia White
B332 Prarie Snow
B3341 Prarie Taupe

Group 3 ( group 8 in our price guide)

BJ3407 Hampton Slate
BJ3405 Hampton Natural
BJ3406 Hampton Bisque
*Available 4/25/22
BJ3416 Tibet Flax
BJ3415 Tibet Sterling

Group 4 (group 9 in our price guide)

BP3504 Sand Dune Gray
BP Sand Dune Taupe
BP3501 Sand Dune Marble
BP3502 Sand Dune White
J3517 Havana Cafe
J3515 Havana Hemp
J3516 Havana Pearl
J3515 Havana Silver
BP3513 Seawave Slate
BP3511 Seawave Bark
BP3512 Seawave Mushroom
BP3506 Chelsea Sand
BP3505 Chelsea Stone

Group 5 (group 10 in our price guide)

J3602 Crosswave Sand
J3601 Crosswave Sandle
J3607 Comoros Natural
*Available 4/25/22
J3608 Comoros Pale Gray
*Available 4/25/22
J3605 Senegal Toast
*TBA Availability Date
J3604 Senegal Dune
J3603 Senegal Ivory
*Available 4/25/22
J3606 Senegal Silver
JB3613 Classic Braid Chestnut
JB3612 Classic Braid Silver
JB3611 Classic Braid Natural