June 14, 2022

Gallery Collection – Designer Natural Woven Woods

Please note: the actual color displayed on the monitor may vary, please check sample books for exact color match before ordering.

These woven woods are handcrafted from materials found in nature. We do not guarantee exact color matches from dye lot to dye lot. Reeds and woods will retain unique grain and colors inherent to their natural composition. The weaves may be affected by environmental changes and can expand/contract.

Group 1

AF81 Zagoli Sable
AG80 Zagoli Sienna
B2141 Warwick Camel
B2232 Benalla Soil
P132 Kara Snow
MB01 Argos
MB20 Bromley

Group 2

B2264 Bamboo Harvest
B2265 Bamboo Rustique
B780 Aris Wheat
B2212 Norfolk Dawn
MB60 Clayton Dawn
MB61 Clayton Dusk
MB62 Clayton Forest
BD90 Edessa Cream
B2252 Mesabi Natural
B2253 Mesabi White
B2266 Kyoto Slate
B2268 Kyoto Frost
BS30 Bedford Camel
BS31 Bedford Chestnut
BZ00 Avia Ivory
B2259 Osaka White

Group 3

B2323 Coral Fawn
B2324 Coral Dawn
BB202 Isamu Dusk
BB204 Isamu White
MB60 Clayton Dawn
MB61 Clayton Dusk
MB62 Clayton Forest
B2303 Odene White

Group 4

BD2403 Lulea Snow
NV200 Mogu Snow
NV350 Avedon

Group 5

J270 Srilanka Dawn White
J280 Srilanka Dusk
BJ2525 Amour Wheat
BJ2526 Amour Mist
J2513 Boras Ginger
J2514 Boras Snow
J2521 Vassa Ocher
J2522 Vassa Heather
BJ240 Bengali Sand
M010 Goya Dawn
M020 Goya Dusk
M030 Goya Earth
J2523 Serenity Mist
P122 Barents Ivory
P121 Barents Seashell