September 20, 2017

Malibu 8 and 6 – 1″ Mini Blinds

With the quality and advanced designs in each Signature Series Blind, Malibu 8 and 6 1″ mini blinds could possibly be the best choice when projects require an economical solution. Malibu 8 and 6 perform with the same reliability and with many of the same dependable features that are built into Catalina. Malibu’s key points begin with a durable 1″ x 1″ slim profile steel head rail and are enhanced with a’ precision clutched tilter, crash-proof cord lock and high quality aluminum slats in an array of designer colors. When both reliability and value are imperative, Malibu 8 and 6 1″ mini blinds will meet and exceed most any specification.


  • Slim 1” x 1” profile durable steel head rail
  • Reliable, superior quality snap-in component system
  • Precise clutch tilter that eliminates damage to slats due to over tilt
  • Both 8 & 6 gauge aluminum alloy slats in a wide range of designer colors
  • Color coordinated plastic components
  • Efficient and economical
  • Made in America
  • Lifetime warranty

Malibu Shop Drawings

Malibu Specifications

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