October 23, 2020

Automate AC Automation

Automate AC powered motorized shades are a great choice for homes with very large windows and awnings as well as larger commercial applications. With lifting capacities up to 133 pounds and run times up to 4 minutes, Automate AC motors provide the power required to operate the larger, longer shades.

Motor Option 


Automate | AC tubular motors combine the simple, intuitive features of ARC “Automate Radio Communication” with the higher lifting capacity of an AC motor for larger shade applications. Leveling Control allows for precise positioning of individual or multiple shades ensuring perfect alignment every time while bi-directional communication ensures you can always keep track of your shades position when integrated into smart home applications.


Available Control Options

Automate Push5 Remote –  5 channel remote that can control 5 individual or 5 groups of shades, as well as an “All” button that activates all programmed channels. Available in two premium finishes – Gloss White and Matte Black Automate Pulse 2 – The Pulse 2 connects to home networks to unlock the luxury of automated shade control. Experience customization with scene and timer options as well as voice control via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.
Automate Paradigm Remote – Available in single and fifteen channel models, Paradigm remotes are compatible with all ARC motors. Automate Paradigm Wall Switch – Featuring a contemporary design and a wire-free deployment these switches can be retrofit ready for any location. Available in 15, 2 or single channel configurations.
Sun Sensor – For indoor shades, Internal Sunlight Sensor can automatically close your shades to help control sun glare, protect your interior from UV damage and assist to keep your home cool. ARC Repeater –  increases the wireless range between the remotes or the Automate pulse hub. You can expect it to practically double the range you get in the current application. ARC repeaters are simple to use and can be easily installed by simply just plugging it in.

Motor Programing & Installation


Control Programing & Installation


Automate Plus 2

Sun Sensor

ARC Repeater

Automate Solar Panel V2 Installation